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HeartBleed Bug in OpenSSL

Rather strange sounding bug was around us and we were unaware of it and that is called Heartbleed bug. Heartbleed bug allows anyone to read the memory of the protected system using OpenSSL. A fix has come but it took time to discover this bug. The bug was out from… (Continue)

Classipress Theme for Classified Ad for WordPress

Classified is a popular WordPress Theme for Classified Ads. I don’t have not much experience in Classified ads theme and cannot tell which theme is better for Classified Ads.
I got to work on classified theme a little and I have found few things which I am sharing with you.… (Continue)

Best PHP IDE – PhpStorm and Sublime Text

Here is a quick post about Best PHP IDE. PhpStorm and Sublime Text has won as best PHP IDE. PhpStorm is not free but Sublime Text is free. Both Sublime Text and PhpStorm are multi platform and supports many language. Both support many languages so developers who work on many… (Continue)

Great Post: Float Labels with CSS

Here is a great post on CSS Tricks about new design trick with label and Input field. The design look neat and cool. It is saving of space without being cluttered. Label is mixed with Input field as it seems.

On CSS-Tricks, different ways were mentioned to float label on… (Continue)

Documenting PHP Code Properly in Easy Way

Writing code self explanatory is the best and safest way to keep our code clean. This make our code professional. Sometimes I saw people write code which include variable name or function names using any word from their own mother tongue instead of any meaningful name for the context. Whatever… (Continue)

What is the difference between Coffee and Tea?

Question may look silly especially if you use both or one according to your taste preferences. Surely coffee and tea taste different but other than that is there any similarities and differences between the two?
So, I just looked for it and want to share with you. I saw that… (Continue)

Change Micromax USB Dongle’s Default AutoLoad Page

I recently need to use USB Dongle. I generally prefer Broadband wired connected. Whenever I connected to internet using Micromax USB dongle, it loads page, which is stuffed with so much of content. This takes bandwidth and in mobile connection it was proving costly. It is getting 2.88 mb… (Continue)

Creativity Matters in Life

Here is something from an article I read on Mashable about creativity. It says creativity matters more than passion for entrepreneurs. So, passion and hard work is just not enough if you want to be entrepreneurs. In anything where you create something, creativity is needed! Setting up your organization is… (Continue)