My few words to new PHP Programmer

PHP is a very good scripting language. It is now like a full-fledged programming language.
PHP language is in great demand today. It is directly giving competition to ASP, C#/VB. After the announcement of PHP 5, it becomes even more powerful.

PHP Usage
As a programmer, I should have to be very sharp mind and have good analytical skill. For this reason and due to our work nature and timing, maintaining a healthy mind and body in a challenge. For this I will suggest every programmer/Software Engineer should do some yoga and workout.

Yoga is especially needed because it will stretch our muscle and intoxicate our mind that become tired after hectic work. It is a must to do work for every programmer. It will cancel out your muscle's tiredness and you can develop you programming skill more easily. You will progress in the path of all round development.

As I am in Web Technology, I think I should have good knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript and MySQL with PHP. Knowing your environment boost will your confidence. With these I need good understanding of Apache configuration also. Of course I should have understanding of Client/Server communication.

As a good programmer, I now have good understanding of Apache configuration file. Knowledge of configuration file greatly enhance you skill and confidence. Though rarely you need directly do anything with Apache configuration file. But it is needed so that some of issues, which can be managed from php configuration file or say ini_set() function, can be used to enhance security setting or performance problem. I need to have better understanding of php.ini settings also.

And please don't forget learning Coding Standards of PHP. PHP is discredited for readability, so you should start considering this after learning basic PHP programming. Simply checking code after finalizing coding will also benefits you.