- for January, 2007

Google your google – using google

For me it is the only helper I can rely on.Google is providing so much useful information to whole world it can be said a revolution, which helped us free of cost to all.Google is now providing lot other services with simple search engine. Some of them may be not… (Continue)

Learn PHP: An Introductory Tutorial for beginners

Script Writing :: Simple introductory tutorial for PHP scripting Section 1: For start learning PHP, you must have installed PHP on your system. With this you need Apache and Mysql. Then you can start your PHP learning path from basic to advance. For installing PHP, MySQL and other related software… (Continue)

My Bookmarks

Get all my bookmarks from here. It will give you lots of useful information.Visit this links and save the file. BookmarkThese bookmarks can directly be imported in Mozilla/Firefox. I am pasting those links here. But, looking these in this way will be a difficult task.,339028299,339270700,00.htm Now you can get… (Continue)