- for February, 2007

Paging using php and mysql

Here this script is for splitting MySQL query result into multiple pages/dynamic paging. CSS is provided for sample style only. # No. indicates changes needed or you would like to change. It will show 2 rows per page only. Change $recordsPerPage for more records per pages. Change at marked places… (Continue)

PHP Security, Site Security

Here find very good contents for Security: Security Guide PHP Security Guide: Table of Contents of this site is 1. Overview 1.1 What Is Security? 1.2 Basic Steps 1.3 Register Globals 1.4 Data Filtering 1.4.1 The Dispatch Method 1.4.2 The Include Method 1.4.3 Filtering Examples 1.4.4 Naming Conventions 1.4.5 Timing… (Continue)

New “watermark” system scours the net for infringement, notifies owners

According a patent filing at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Digimarc's "Method for monitoring internet dissemination of image, video and/or audio files" is a monitoring service that scans the Internet, consuming content as it goes. The system downloads audio, video and images, and then scans them for watermarks. If… (Continue)