Mix, Rip, and Mash Your Data

Call them pipes, teqlos, dapps, modules, mashups or whatever else but fact is that recently we have seen a good number of new services that allow developers and users to build mini-apps and mashups that mix and re-mix data.

5 Ways to Mix, Rip, and Mash Your Data

I checked Yahoo pipes (my pipe url).

I think when these will become mature then integrating data among various appliaction will be easier.

This URL is getting and listing all the postings from my two blogs. Run this and you will get a link to RSS Feed also, which can be subscribed.

These are new things and will create problem understanding them. You will see a Graph titled "how this pipe was made", click on them. You need to login to edit them. There you will see two URLs: http://satya61229.blogspot.com/ and http://only-your-views.blogspot.com/, which are my blogs. It will not work for simple web url. URLs must be of Atom/rss. Replace my URLs with your own, and save it (right side upper corner). Below is the result of your creation. You can preview it (Link is on top middle).

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