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Blogger Site Stat. Help

Have you ever wondered why your Google Adsense page views and other site stat. pageviews are different. May be you have seen this or did not noticed it. Here is a correct answers to your question. Newbie Adsense publishers are sometimes puzzled when their Google Adsense page impressions are different… (Continue)

Learn CSS: An Introductory CSS Tutorial for beginners

Here this is a CSS tutorial for beginners, who know some basic structure of HTML Page. Here you will easily learn why to use CSS, how to use CSS, CSS structures. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Styles were added to HTML 4.0. Why we use CSS in Web Page?Previously… (Continue)

PHP Smarty Template

Here are the details of Template benefits, list of templates which are currently running, Installation and setup, and finally sample codes. Here I have also provided solutions for some of the common problems faced by a programmer when they start using smarty template or any template. Examples are divided in… (Continue)

Append/Move to List from List

Here using this Javascript code you can add element from one list to another list. First list is the super set. Assume it is coming from database. It is listing all the relevant skills. User will select skills from this list. When they double click to first list element or… (Continue)

Dynamically Populate Select List by Ajax

Many times, when your data is based on one parameter then you have to submit your form with user given input for getting the data based on given input by user. This increase waiting time for user completing input and adds extra request/response trip also. For this kind of situation,… (Continue)

PHP Command Line (php cli)

PHP command Line Here is a way to run your PHP from command line. This example isworking in Linux. Multi-line comment is added as help. You can removethe multi-line comments and edit as you like for your future reference.On window if PHP is included in your PATH , then you… (Continue)

Stat Counter/Web Tracking

Just for Information:On Linux system I was using Google analytics, but on Linux system due to flash, analytics was not coming correctly. When I installed stat counter then it given me correct statistics, I got relief that some people are visiting my site. It was the story created when I… (Continue)