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Write Correct Markup, Validate Your Markup (HTML, XHTML)

Do you ever try checking your HTML code for error? If no then you are probably writing wrong HTML code. This will cause your HTML load slow on browser. Validate your HTML code according to your document type defined in <!DOCTYPE ..Markup Validation These are free W3C Markup Validation… (Continue)

HTML Code Preview Script using JavaScript and JQuery

Sometimes you may want to see online preview of your HTML code. So that you can evaluate your HTML code for correctness and take corrective action if needed. Here this little script, both in simple JavaScript and in JQuery, will provide you evaluation facility for your HTML code. You will… (Continue)

How does an Accelerator works?

If you are not familiar about accelerator then read this article on Web Caching first. Executing a PHP scripts needs few steps: 1. PHP loads the file.2. It parses the source file, and transforms it into opcode (code that can be executed by the server),3. It executes the opcode. The… (Continue)

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Headers are sent by server for informing client about some of the important details. Those details can be Content type, encoding, cache used and so on. Generally you do not have to worry about this. Sometime user needs to modify header information. Headers are sent before any output to the… (Continue)

Use of Content Type Header

"Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" Content-Type header with charset is used for telling browser which type of content you have to show and which additional encoding is applied to the content. RFC 2616 HTTP 1.1: When an entity-body is included with a message, the data type of thatbody is determined via the… (Continue)

Web Caching

Web Caching is the caching of data in temporary memory or permanent memory so that we do not have to execute same code over some period of time. Here time period will depend upon how frequently your content change. Many content we send to client do not change every minute.… (Continue)

Set/Get Cookie using PHP and JavaScript

Find variety of codes and details discussion about the cookie both using JavaScript and PHP: Set cookie through PHP and get through JavaScript Set cookie through JavaScript and get through PHP Set cookie in JavaScript and get through JavaScript Set cookie through PHP and get through PHP Set the Array… (Continue)

HTML to PDF Converter Script

Update: Dec 19, 2013: Recently, I need to convert a doc file, which I copied from internet and want to save that for future for myself to PDF. I thought of Firefox or Chrome plugin but later remember that LibreOffice Writer have this feature and it was amazing quality of… (Continue)