- for July, 2007

Change Form Action and Method attributes

In case you want your form action value changed based on certain condition then you can do this using simple JavaScript. In this way you can submit your single form to any of your scripts based on condition. Here you will also find tricks for changing the method attribute of… (Continue)

Submitting two Forms at Once

This is the general problem fresher struck in form submission. They struck in some logical problem and try to find their solution in submitting two forms in a web page at same time. But answer to this question is simple. You cannot do this in general. You can change action… (Continue)

Design Dynamically Generated Data for Excel Sheet

Many times you may have created excel sheet dynamically by server side script and you may have thought that for adding color and header etc. is possible only using spreadsheet software. This can be done by person who will use this generated sheet. You can add color and other designs… (Continue)

Save Your Web Page’s Visual Space

This is an example of how to save visual space of web page using show-hide div, p, etc. Click on Details and see the effect.On first click it will expand and on next click it will become hidden. .hide {display:none;} .show {display:block;} .hover1 {cursor:pointer;color:blue;} function toggleView (id) { div1 =… (Continue)

Programming Language Rank June 07

This is a programming language rank for June 2007. PHP is at number Five position, which is very good. Source: TIOBE PositionJun 2007 PositionJun 2006 Delta in Position Programming Language RatingsJun 2007 DeltaJun 2006 Status 1 1 Java 20.025% -1.10% A 2 2 C 15.967% -2.29% A 3 3 C++… (Continue)