Design Dynamically Generated Data for Excel Sheet

Many times you may have created excel sheet dynamically by server side script and you may have thought that for adding color and header etc. is possible only using spreadsheet software. This can be done by person who will use this generated sheet.

You can add color and other designs to your dynamically created excel file.

  • Add color with <font color="red"> red text </font>
  • Change size of the text with <font size="4"> big font</font>, and so on.
  • Merge cells of excel using colspan of table cell. This will be required for Data header, etc.
    <table bgcolor="yellow">
    <td colspan="2"> <font size="3">Header</font> </td>
    <td> data </td> <td> data </td>
  • Add background color to you sheet using bgcolor.

Use style (CSS) for designing HTML data but for excel sheet you can add old traditional method for designing.

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