Submitting two Forms at Once

This is the general problem fresher struck in form submission. They struck in some logical problem and try to find their solution in submitting two forms in a web page at same time.
But answer to this question is simple. You cannot do this in general.

You can change action attribute’s value based on some condition. You can also change method of the form using JavaScript. You can submit form one by one. You submit a form from a web page and on the form’s action page you can have another form using first forms data in hidden field.

For changing action attribute's value and method dynamically using JavaScript you can use this script.

You can have two or more forms in a page and each form have their own submit button.

<form name='frm1' action='action1.php' >
<input type='text' name='submitUrl' />
<input type='submit' name='submit1' />
<form name='frm2' action='action1.php' >
<input type='text' name='submitEmail' />
<input type='submit' name='submit1' />

Here is a solution for submitting two forms at once, but I will not suggest relying on it. how to submit two forms at once using js