- for September, 2007

Use of Apache URL REWRITE (mod_rewrite)

Once I was wondering what the use of Apache module - mod_rewrite is. What I will achieve with mod_rewrite kind of heavy module. I get many answers like I can redirect user to new page without user knowledge. Another case is when document root has changed. Examples are many but… (Continue)

Simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Writing good page content is useful for retaining your users and attracting new users. It is the best mantra (tips) for your online success. Search engine give you readers free of cost. So,why miss it? These are the simple tips for SEO from my memory: Use <h1> tag for your… (Continue)

How to pass variable number of arguments to a PHP function

You may need to pass variable number of arguments due to many reasons. Many times you have list with you, which include values passed from users and then number of elements in a list are not fixed. I will discuss two methods of passing variable number of arguments to PHP… (Continue)

Web 2.0 Security Issues

Web 2.0 is enriching browsing experience and providing many kind packages in the form of Blog, Social networking sites and other content sharing sites. With lots of facility provided in Web 2.0 sites, there are lots of securities issues as well. Check this good discussion on web 2.0 security issues.… (Continue)

PHP and SAP, together at last?!

SAP is in great demand these days. So learning SAP will be good if you like new things and improve your tech. ability. An article about SAP and PHP: PHP and SAP, together at last?!… (Continue)

What is Microformats ?

This week learn something new in Web Technology. This new thing is microformat. This microformat gives information about the HTML content without using any new language or technology. This is useful for human and machines both. This add value to your contents but do not disturb any existing things. XHTML… (Continue)

What is web2.0?

How many times you have heard about web 2.0? It is a buzzword in Web Technology from past 1-2 years. Though all tells that it is not a new innovation in itself, all cannot define it clearly. What I think about web 2.0 is that it is all about the… (Continue)