Simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Writing good page content is useful for retaining your users and attracting new users. It is the best mantra (tips) for your online success. Search engine give you readers free of cost. So,why miss it?
These are the simple tips for SEO from my memory:

  • Use <h1> tag for your headline on each page. This will give weight to your headline.
  • Use target keywords in your content carefully. Do not overuse it, search engine can blacklist your page.
  • Try giving filename using your target keywords.
  • Use <title> tag best suited for your page and try to include keywords into it. These keywords must be on your content on page.
  • Do not use variable ID on page URL. This is not suitable for caching your page by search engine.
  • Keep your page's first paragraph and last paragraph meaningful and include your keywords/phrase in them. Again do not overuse it.
  • HTML is also meaningful for search engine optimization. Try to use less number of tables if you cannot avoid it fully.
  • Page should load faster. The above and this tips is useful for your user also.

In the age where advertisement become a necessity, why you will be behind. Advertising demands money. Search engine do it for free, if they can find your page related to searched keyword(s) by people. So by helping search engine you are helping your potential customers reaching you.

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