What is Microformats ?

This week learn something new in Web Technology. This new thing is microformat. This microformat gives information about the HTML content without using any new language or technology. This is useful for human and machines both. This add value to your contents but do not disturb any existing things.

XHTML and HTML standards allow for semantics to be embedded and encoded within the attributes of markup tags. Microformats take advantage of these standards by indicating the presence of metadata using the following attributes:

* class
* rel
* rev (in one case, otherwise deprecated in microformats)
Consider this:
<span class="geo">
<span class="latitude">52.48</span>,
<span class="longitude">-1.89</span>

By using span with class=latitude and class=longitude machines can be told exactly what each value represents, and can then index it, look it up on a map, export it to a GPS device, etc.