What is web2.0?

How many times you have heard about web 2.0?

It is a buzzword in Web Technology from past 1-2 years. Though all tells that it is not a new innovation in itself, all cannot define it clearly.

What I think about web 2.0 is that it is all about the usability, GUI and others of web pages for the users point of view. We are trying to provide Desktop Like environment to our users so we are using web 2 kind of things. These all are providing better interactivity and better uptime to users.

With Ajax your user does not have to wait for many things. You can update contents while users are reading/writing at some part of your page. This not only save time but also give user the impression that “how concerned you are about them”.

Many of the dot com leaders are now using web 2.0 technologies. Few of them are very successful. One of the successful applications is gmail. Today I opened indiatimes mail and saw that they are running very heavy JavaScript that caused my firefox give warning about the script.

I became happy when I saw that using bigger font size than earlier font size is part of web 2.0. When I started developing web pages then I used bigger font because I do not liked very small font and this small font also put pressure on already stressed eye of person. Very small size font looks good when you see a page as birds eye view. But that is not the ultimate goal for writing content on web page. Another developer who used small font was appreciated because of this and I am being told that see the other site how they are using small fonts.

Understanding web 2.0 in the absence of clear definition is a difficult task. I got some insight about it few months back after googling and reading lots of articles. One of the best articles for that is written by O’Rielly. [what is web 2.0]. But I could read it with cool mind. Just read it and if you got something from them then please write a comment about them. Thanks!