Install and Learn PHP Symfony Framework

Symfony Framework is riding on popularity chart. Yahoo has used symfony for their bookmark project.

Symfony framework is very helpful in development of big web 2.0 websites. It provides various facilities:

* simple templating and helpers
* cache management
* smart URLs (Search Engine Friendly)
* scaffolding
* multilingualism and I18N support
* object model and MVC separation
* Ajax support
* enterprise ready

Learn Symfony Framework:

I learned symfony using first-project tutorial on symfony website, sitepoint symfony tutorial and looking on documentation provided on symfony site.

I installed symfony using pear way. This was an easy and smooth ride. Check this online page and look for "PEAR installation".
If you do not have pear installed on your system then first install pear on your system. If you do not want to worry about pear installation then install xampp. XAMPP will install all the required softwares and libraries in one go. It is so cute.
Some place on creating your first project, you will be given an option of creating virtual directory. This is not required. You can put your first project code at htdocs also. This way you will feel comfortable. So, dump first-project code in htdocs. You need to change database setting in config files. As I can recall, first-project is using SQLlite, so you need to change to mysql in config files. Change database.yml and propel.ini files. You will find these files in sf_sandbox/config folder. There are lots of config files and folders in symfony project under various folders. But you do not worry about those for now.
In propel.ini change you probabbly need to chagne these three lines:

propel.database = mysql
propel.database.createURL = mysql://username:pwd@mysqlhost/
propel.database.url = mysql://username:pwd@mysqlhost/sandbox

Here sandbox is database name. You can change it before using "$ php symfony propel-build-model" command.

In database.yml file change dsn parameters. This will be same as your propel.database.url parameter.

You may also read something like this: .... If you see not image on this page... during sandbox installation at this location (http://localhost/sf_sandbox/web/index.php/). Instead of changing httpd.conf file you can do something like this:
Copy web/sf folder from ... pear/data/symfony/web/sf to you symfony project's web/sf folder. This mean put all content from pear web/sf to your project's sf folder.

You may find these cheatsheet useful, which I find after sometime.