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Header for XML content in PHP file

If you output XML content from PHP file, you need to set content-type header, so that your browser know that you are going to output XML content from PHP file instead of default content-type header (text/html). File: php_file.php <?php header ("Content-Type:text/xml"); ?> <your_xml_content> </your_xml_content> You may know, no output (no… (Continue)

YML vs XML Schema Files in Symfony

Schema file is used for defining your database schema for your application. Schema file will generate all the required data structure for you. This schema provides backbone for generating model to Symfony. Schema.xml file allows database specific content declaration for your table. It also allows complex database declaration for your… (Continue)

Prototype.js and lib for JavaScript

For all those who are new to JavaScript and want to get working knowledge of JavaScript for form validation, Ajax functionality and others can learn these two JavaScript libraries. These two are working with each other. Prototype.js is base library for Prototype provides all the necessary functionalities for your… (Continue)

Restore Data When Rebuilding Model in Symfony

Whenever you rebuild your model, you have to loose your old data in Symfony. You will need to rebuild model whenever you change or add something new to your schema. If you are learning Symfony then you may not bother to loose data and may not feel too much for… (Continue)

Assign File Extension to pages in Symfony

You can very easily assign file extension of your choice to pages in Symfony framework. Go to your modules's ./config/settings.xml file and assign page extension of your choice. If settings.yml page is not available then create it. prod: .settings: no_script_name: off suffix: .html dev: .settings: error_reporting: 4095 web_debug: on no_script_name:… (Continue)

Add your own pages in Symfony

For adding any template page in symfony, add your template to apps/appName/modules/urModule/templates/ dir. Name it like listSuccess.php. Now for accessing this page from browser, you need to associate this page from an action. Define an action for this page. As you named your page like listSuccess.php, you need to create… (Continue)

Gap of Desktop and Web

Here is a good discussion and product information about the gap between Desktop and Web application and how to bridge them. This also discusses the new products coming into the market for doing this. Interesting to find who is going to use this or who is the front runner for… (Continue)