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Fatal error: Maximum Execution Time of xx Second Exceeded in filepath.php

Use set_time_limit(timeInSecond or 0); in your script or max_execution_time in php config file(php.ini) for setting execution time of your script. If you want unlimited execution time then use 0 for second. You may still be getting "execution time exceeded" error after setting long time for "execution time" in php.ini or… (Continue)

Simple Login Code in PHP for Symfony

This post is for login code in Symfony Framework. Here is a simple PHP Login Code! This is very simple login script written for symfony framework. This will ask for loginid and password like any login page. After successful login it will send user to list page. If unsuccessful, this… (Continue)

Forms Error Catching and Displaying in Symfony

In actions.class.php page of symfony framework, you can catch errors and display those errors in template. Set errors in your action/method using: <?php if ($error) { $this->getRequest()->setError('userName', 'The user Name field cannot be left blank'); $this->getRequest()->setError('email', 'The Email field cannot be left blank'); return false; } ?> Return false is… (Continue)