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Passing value from one to another considering PHP, HTML, JavaScript

This post is a little beautified article from earlier passing variables and values. Passing JavaScript variable's value to php/How to use JavaScript Variable in php Again, directly you cannot do this. But when you pass a value to a url like: 1. <a href="phpPage.php?sub=mail Subject">Call PHP page</a> then $_GET['sub'] auto… (Continue)

Design Patterns for PHP

Design patters are needed for architect-ing large and good maintainable projects. It helps in developing software correctly and speedily. When I read these design patterns I thought that these design pattern are not very useful. Still after reading some of the design patterns in short many of them was good… (Continue)

What is Binary-Safe functions

At many places you will find binary safe term when you will read about functions in php manual. What is it all about? It is about handling binary data. Binary data is encoded as a string of 1s and 0s. You may have handled MS Word data. Then you may… (Continue)

Template like Smarty is in trouble

Long before I learned the smarty I have the solution for separating my template/view from logic. How I do that? Simple! I write php code at the top and html at the bottom of the page. Sometimes when PHP code grows big then I have created new page for php… (Continue)

Types of PHP Framework: Glue and Full-Stack

PHP frameworks are in great news from 1-2 years in PHP community. Lots of PHP frameworks are available to choose from. Framework is good for development for few reasons. This provides lots of developed code for reuse. All frameworks have community where developers can get help. Discussing your problem there… (Continue)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture. It becomes useful these days for utilizing the specialization in a particular area of the company. That company can create a module for a particular task and sell that module’s service as a product. So this way company knowledge base is protected and they… (Continue)