Template like Smarty is in trouble

Long before I learned the smarty I have the solution for separating my template/view from logic. How I do that?
Simple! I write php code at the top and html at the bottom of the page. Sometimes when PHP code grows big then I have created new page for php and included that in template/view page. At the top of the page code I have generated variable/array to use with html. If you need to generate table/list in html then I have created array in php at top. Using only variable from top code is easy : <?=$var;?> or <?php echo $var ;?>

When I learned smarty I found it very difficult using array. And you all know array is the most important structure generally use in PHP. I liked the Smarty’s bug free caching functionality very much. Smarty is like a complete language for getting little or no benefits.

Now, if you have read my smarty post then you may be thinking why I have written benefits of smarty first. I learned smarty for mentioning it in my Resume. When I was writing blog post then I thought I should write something good for those who want to learn smarty for similar reason. I was not happy with the smarty so I searched in their FAQ about – why <?php echo $var; ?> is not good enough and developer should learn to use {$var}. But I could not understand/agree with the answer and posted as it is on my blog. I like PHP language and I want to support anything related with PHP.

Anyway now smarty is dying. Most framework thought smarty is not necessary and when I was reading about the symfony then they told PHP is itself a template language. So why use another template language. I agree! You can easily go in and out from HTML, Javascript.

I become happy when I read that smarty is dying. So now you may not need to learn smarty. The post I have written is inspired by hasin post - writer of smarty book.

This is the second big thing happened I thought of or do not like long before happening in the market. First was about small font. I was being forced to use small font (very small for me) for my first web site. Now web 2.0 sites are using big font.