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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a data-interchange format. JSON text format is familiar to programmers of many languages. JSON object is a valid JS, so it can be used directly. JSON structures: 1. {Key1: value1, Key2: value2,…} 2. [Value1, value2,…] Key can be string. This can take any characters except… (Continue)

MySQL: Remove Duplicate Rows/Records from Table

How to remove duplicate entries from a table? Here are few methods for deleting duplicate rows/records from a table in mysql. The same concept will work in other database table for example, Oracle, as well. Methods of deleting duplicate records in a table:- 1. Alter table for adding unique index… (Continue)

More on Associative Array in Javascript

In this article about associative array, which looks similar to associative array in PHP. Here is some more ways for simulating associative array like things in Javascript: <script type="text/javascript"> var obj = new Object(); obj['name'] = 'satya'; obj['sex'] = 'male'; obj['city'] = 'Patna'; obj['age'] = '30'; // this method is… (Continue)

Javascript and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

JavaScript and SEO do not go well along. Use of JavaScript has revolutionized the websites, especially on all web 2.0 sites. JavaScript is no longer considered bad for sites as this can be disabled on many browsers. Still it is not very good for SEO point of view. Search bots… (Continue)

Associative array in Javascript

Javascript do not have associative array like PHP. In PHP you may have enjoyed associative array. Here is something similar to associative array in JavaScript. But as it is not an associative array, so you cannot use JavaScript array methods. It is JSON style Object representation. <script type="text/javascript"> var salesPerson… (Continue)

Get Defined Variables in Current Scope

Get all defined variables in current scope. The variable can be defined in included files, cookie, and session. Variable can come from $_GET, $_POST etc also. This script will give you all those variables which are in current scope. Even you can exclude the variable you do not want to… (Continue)

International Languages And Character Set Required In Mysql

For international languages support utf8 is required in mysql column/field. MySQL allows to set  different character set on each different columns. MySQL 5.0 supports two Unicode character sets: UCS2 and all familiar "utf8". Each Unicode character set has similar collations available to exactly suit many languages like ucs2_persian_ci and utf8_persian_ci.… (Continue)

Virtualization Everywhere

Virtualization has reached everywhere. It is not only desktop virtualization you will notice using VMWare, you will find virtualization is social context also. People are making lots of friends on orkut, facebook and other social networking sites. People they connect with are real human being but I am telling them… (Continue)