International Languages And Character Set Required In Mysql

For international languages support utf8 is required in mysql column/field. MySQL allows to set  different character set on each different columns.

MySQL 5.0 supports two Unicode character sets: UCS2 and all familiar "utf8".
Each Unicode character set has similar collations available to exactly suit many languages like ucs2_persian_ci and utf8_persian_ci.

You may find utf8_general_ci and utf8_unicode_ci suitable as these will be useful for column requires many languages. utf8_general_ci does not understand characters that can be a combination of characters. utf8_unicode_ci understand the mapping of characters. So, if you think you require comparison and searches on a particular column, which has to support international languages, then use utf8_unicode_ci, as this will give the correct result.

utf8_general_ci is faster than utf8_unicode_ci. If you think you do not require searches based on the column then utf8_general_ci is good. This can be wrong on some cases for comparison and search.