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Strange IE! Show Blank Page for Wrong Closing <Title> Tag

Internet Explorer is really strange browser. It was showing me blank page when my <title> tag was not properly closed. I need to change the title tag, and some other HTML tag, dynamically for a cached page. In the script, instead of using variable for closing <title> tag, I pasted… (Continue)

Open CSV (Comma Separated Value) File in MS Word

CSV file is a text file, so this type of file can easily be opened in MS Word. Just use your MS Word Menu File->Open. Or right click on file and use "Open With…". Select "Microsoft Word for Window". CSV file data can easily be converted into table structure in… (Continue)

Customize your New Blogger’s (blogspot) Blog Title

You can customize your blogger's (blogspot) blog title the way you want. On the home page you will display your blog title and on other pages you can display page's title as of your post heading. <head><title><b:if cond='data:blog.url==data:blog.homepageUrl'><data:blog.pageTitle/><b:else/><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></b:if></title></head> The above code will display your Blog Name on home… (Continue)

Application Variable in PHP

Are you missing Application Variable in PHP. Many who comes from ASP will look for it. There is no application variable in PHP. PHP have only session variable. You need to do little extra work for application session variable in PHP. Application variable is used to pass information among different… (Continue)

PHP Security: Remove Default Escaping In PHP

Reading this post first may be helpful! Remove default PHP escaping and apply your own at runtime. This way you are safe at client's setting of magic quote in their php.ini. PHP has default escaping functionality. It escapes all incoming data. It is preferred not to use default magic quote… (Continue)