Open CSV (Comma Separated Value) File in MS Word

CSV file is a text file, so this type of file can easily be opened in MS Word. Just use your MS Word Menu File->Open. Or right click on file and use "Open With…". Select "Microsoft Word for Window".

CSV file data can easily be converted into table structure in MS Word application. For converting CSV file / data into Table-:

- Open your CSV file (File->Open),
- Select your data (select equal numbers of columns in each rows),
- In Menu, Table->Convert->Text to Table,
- In the dialog window, select "Number of columns", and "Separate Text At" (Commas), or any other suitable for your data. Select "Other" to input your separator.
- Finally click on "OK".

This will give you nicely built table. Now design can be applied to the newly build table. Like first row, if it is header, can be bolder, etc.