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Back Date Of Your System Can Crash Firefox

I was in trouble for few days, when at the time of shutdown I started getting a popup which has the title "nsappshell:EventWindow". I googled it, and had found very little info about this. My system used to crash very badly. It even freeze the Task manager. Somehow I realized… (Continue)

Know the Employees Salary of Big Companies

Here is a new website for professionals. This is marketing as "community for Professionals". This is in Beta right now!Still here you can find result about the employees salary of big organizations. Enter designation like software engineer or company name like @yahoo in Salary Tab. Search term can be a… (Continue)

Quanta Plus Text Editor is Back for me

After so many months, cute Quanta Plus is back for me. I will work on Linux, so now I can use Quanta Plus. As soon as I get an installation, I tried to search for the setting I used to use on my previous installation. I searched some of them… (Continue)

Common But Important Mysql Commands And Queries

Here are some of the generally used queries. These are important and useful. 1. mysql –user=root mysql default user name is "root". And there is no password. 2. grant all privileges on *.* to 'sat@localhost' identified by 'satpwd' with grant option; 'sat'@'localhost' -sat is username and localhost is mysql… (Continue)

Comparison between Tag and Category

For blogger, Category and Tag may create a doubt about which one to use and what is the meaning of each of them. It looks same from many angle. Usability Post » Categories vs Tags The answer is… it depends. It depends on what type of content you have and… (Continue)

Web Browser Speed Comparison

I was looking for web browser that takes least memory. My PC is old so I was looking for least expensive web browser in term of memory usage and CPU usage for my PC. I cannot use Google chrome as I am using Win 2000 on my home PC. I… (Continue)

Parse JSON using JSON Parser or eval()!

JSON is in use for data interchange format. It is accepted in many programming language whether client side or server side language. So, learning JSON and using it securely is needed. Both JavaScript and PHP has in-built functions for this. JSON parser function is useful if your JSON text is… (Continue)

PHP Custom Error Handler

This is custom error handler in PHP. You can use your custom error handler for showing the error in you customized format, logging the error in a log file and for other reason. <?php //error handler function function customError($errno, $errstr, $fileName, $lineNo) { switch ($errno) { // fatal error. die… (Continue)