Quanta Plus Text Editor is Back for me

After so many months, cute Quanta Plus is back for me. I will work on Linux, so now I can use Quanta Plus. As soon as I get an installation, I tried to search for the setting I used to use on my previous installation. I searched some of them for minimal setting and changed these:

- Settings->Configure Editors->Editing->uncheck Show Tabulators
It hides the tab marks Quanta Plus shows for telling you where tabs are used on the code. But adds lots of dots on your source view area and this clutter the view.

- Open/Save -> Backup on save-> need to uncheck both checkboxes
With this setting whenever you edit any page, a backup copy will be created. You may not feel the need for it. You can use different folder for backup, then you will find it ok to use.

- Settings->Configure Quanta->Tag Style->
Set Tag cases and Tag attributes to lower case and "attributes quotation" to double quotes
This is for HTML tags. When HTML editors are used then it decides on how your html will be added. <DIV> </DIV> or <div> </div>. Attributes quotation decides quotes used around the attributes ..div class='test'... or ..div class="test"...

- Views->Show Line numbers or Appearance -> line Number
Line number is very handy for any text editor when it is used for programming.

- Settings->Configure Editors->Editing-> tab Width
Tab width is generally set to 4 or 5. It depends on coding standards also.

- Highlighting -> Highlighting Rules - select 'scripts/php' for PHP. It will be already selected. If not, then select it. and add few extension to File Extentions: I added *.inc;*.class;*.xml. As these files are going to be edited so frequently and I am habitual of seeing them like php file highlight.

Quanta Plus is very smart text editor and one of the smartest editor available. It is fast also. It has many functionalities, you will not find in free to use text editor. It has support for multiple languages.