- for November, 2008

Table’s Width Fixing Hack

I wanted to increase the table size (width). The HTML template was being used by many reports. And my report was not coming into the default size of 100%. 100 percent was not the total screen size available to my report. Instead it was wrapped in a fixed width table.… (Continue)

Play with Unicode characters

Here are few links to convert Unicode characters to code point/Uri percent encoding/decimal NCR etc. 905 represent hex अ in Hindi: Get full details of each character at this site. This link will shows Unicode character "अ" detail. Convert any char to code point/numeric value: Need to use… (Continue)

Drupal Is Second Time Winner Of The CMS Of The Year Award

Founder Dries Buytaert released content Management System - drupal as an Open Source project in 2001. CMS Drupal manages many high traffic web sites. Drupal received $5,000 in prize money. Drupal has won the CMS award of 2008 organized by the Packt Publishing. Joomla came second. Drupal was release in… (Continue)

Correcting Orkut Profile Link for Online Use

Submitting Social Networking site Orkut's profile link at many places can give error like "Please enter a valid url". Orkut profile link is in this form:, where xxx.. is your profile number. For making it work for accepting as a link, remove the 'Main#' part from your orkut profile.… (Continue)

Check And See Your Website/Blog Alexa Ranking Graph!

Cannot you see your website's Alexa ranking graph! and you want to see you Alexa ranking now! Here is your solution to see your Alexa ranking graph without any hiccup. J Hope your website have ranking on the Alexa. Even if you have low ranking ( < 100000) then also… (Continue)

PHP Output Buffering

Output buffering in PHP is useful in many cases. At many places it can be a handy tool. One example use of 'Output Buffering' is to stop the "header already sent" problem. It can help your user to get the response fast. It means decrease the waiting time for your… (Continue)