Check And See Your Website/Blog Alexa Ranking Graph!

Cannot you see your website's Alexa ranking graph! and you want to see you Alexa ranking now! Here is your solution to see your Alexa ranking graph without any hiccup. J
Hope your website have ranking on the Alexa. Even if you have low ranking ( < 100000) then also it will work.

Use any website which has "Traffic History Graph" on Alexa. Website which do not have very high traffic is better here. Why! I will tell you latter.
Currently get any website which has Alexa Graph. You can use my old blog address: It is recently been added and I am happy to see it. Lets see what will happen to it after my website's new address - will come. 🙁
So, you can use this URL for checking ranking on Alexa – "Traffic History Graph for". There, below the graph, you will find "Compare Sites" button. Now everything is clear! Just enter your website/blog address and you can see your Alexa Graph. 🙂
and, I was talking about selecting not very busy site instead low ranking site itself which have graph available, so that your website/blog's graph can be visible clearly in comparison.

See how my comparison graph looks now. I compared my previous domain URL with my new domain URL. Previous Domain line has nose dived. 🙁 Newer one is taking place.
alexa ranking comparison, old site vs new site