Increase Ubuntu Performance

Ubuntu is already fast but it can be faster. I felt it is not so fast or good in gui when I installed ubuntu on my grand old PC. It was not refreshing the screen properly on mouse movement. and another very bad thing was Firefox title bar was not showing properly(no min./max button :().

I accidentally met a setting which solved this problem. This place is System -> Preference -> Appearance. Then select "Visual Effects" tab. Select "None" here, if you are facing the same problem due to low RAM or you want faster performance.

There are quite a good content on internet which can increase the performance of your Ubuntu Linux. Some of them can be little bit risky and some of them may be increase performance for something and may slow down at other thing. But the above solution is just about an appearance. You will not use the small animation on mouse movement, etc.

For further performance related solution, I found these link useful:

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