GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit), Bangalore 2009

I have attended GIDS Workshop on Saturday (25 April, 2009). It was a summit for developer. So, many IT companies came for product advertisement and spreading information about their products.
Each day different session was organized. I have attended Workshop only, which was the last day of the developer summit.
Workshop session was conducted on these topic:

Developing External DSLs in Java - Venkat Subramaniam
GET Connected: A Tutorial on Web-based Integration - Dr. Jim Webber
JRuby in Action - Ola Bini
Test Driven Development in .NET - Venkat Subramaniam
Synthesizing Data from the Web - Jon Aizen,Amit Kumar
Building the DemoFest Application - Mike Benkovich
Mixing ORM and XML Persistence - Mike Keith
Introduction to Oslo - Stephen Forte
Hibernate Search: Adding Search to your Java Applications - Deep Dive - Emmanuel Bernard
Building Enterprise Mashups using Adobe Flash Platform - Raghunath Rao Thricovil, Anirudh Sasikumar
A Lap Around Silverlight 3.0 - Pandurang Nayak
Mainframe in a Box - Nav Saini, David Rogers
Cobol - Achieving Platform Independence - Nav Saini, David Rogers
Extending Cobol to SOA, Web Services and Beyond - Nav Saini, David Rogers
Capuchin - Bridging Java ME and Flash Lite - Christopher David

I have joined GET Connected: A Tutorial on Web-based Integration by Dr. Jim Webber, Synthesizing Data from the Web by Jon Aizen and Introduction to Oslo by Stephen Forte.
Here discussion about 'Oslo' was related to Microsoft product. I do not have idea of any use to me for now (I am working on PHP platform), but the speaker was good in speaking and well prepared.

Tutorial on 'Web-based Integration' was not that good. I could not understand the main reason for this tutorial. I could only make much sense about the discussion. The speaker's main motive may to advertise about his forthcoming book.

Workshop about 'Synthesizing Data from the Web' was good in the sense that the message was clear. At any point, what is going on was clear. Though it was not very informative. Speaker came for promoting the product dapper.

Few images from my mobile camera (N73):
Great Indian Developer SummitGreat Indian Developer Summit (GIDS)Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS)