Playing DAT Media file on Ubuntu

Linux distribution has improved a lot for desktop/ Home user but it still has a lot of room for improvement. Playing various media files is one of the task almost all home users do. It was a tough task even for me getting all the pieces together for making media application up and running for playing all the media types I use. As I remember, I need to install some piece of code even for mp3. It is the most common type of media, I think, all home user may be using on their PC.

For playing DAT file on Ubuntu, I need to search a lot. DAT files comes on almost every movie CD in India.
For fixing this:
- I have installed xine/gxine and vcdtools.
- *.dat file can be played directly by renaming it to mpg extension. Your totem installed on Ubuntu can play mpg file. It worked for me.
- I have installed mplayer also to see how it works and how much good it is as movie player.

For mp3, I am using Amarok and Rhythmbox Music Player. Amarok looks better than Rhythmbox.