Gmail- Login without chat (gTalk)

Sometimes you may want to login into Gmail (Google email service) without being noticed by anyone through gTalk. If your status of gTalk was visible on last login then you will be visible on this login as soon as you login into Gmail. For some reason you do not want to be noticed by anyone this time. so, what you will do?

You can login into Basic Gmail version. After providing login Id and password, Gmail presents a page where it says the gmail login is in progress and it gives the option to 'Load Basic HTML' version. So, here you can use basic HTML gmail version and you will not be noticed by anyone on your chat list.

Use your gmail without chat (gTalk service).
For this you need to disable chat feature from Gmail. With this, no need to be alert at login time. You can enable the chat feature whenever you want.

Login to your gmail account. At the bottom of the page you will notice this line:
Gmail view: standard | turn off chat | basic HTML Learn more
Click on the 'Turn Off Chat', the above line will become:
Gmail view: standard | turn on chat | basic HTML Learn more