- for July, 2009

Javascript and IFrame, problem in Search Engine Ranking

Use of JavaScript and Iframe/Frame in website can be very bad for Search Engine Optimization. Little bit of JavaScript can be taken care of by Search Engine but Iframe is no-no for Search Engine. Mixing both of JavaScript and Iframe is too bad for SEO point of view. It will… (Continue)

Searching Bookmark and History

Firefox has a new feature very good in finding your visited sites and bookmarks. Earlier your entry needs to be matching from the first letter of URL for coming into location drop-down.If you enter 'tech' in location drop-down and you have already visited '' then techrepublic website would come as… (Continue)

Linux Distribution Comparison

Looking for comparing various Linux distributions? At this place you can compare various kind of distribution very easily. Linux has lots of brands and each has something special. This make us confused in selection. This site will not help in every small detail but gives a general idea of various… (Continue)