Javascript and IFrame, problem in Search Engine Ranking

Use of JavaScript and Iframe/Frame in website can be very bad for Search Engine Optimization. Little bit of JavaScript can be taken care of by Search Engine but Iframe is no-no for Search Engine. Mixing both of JavaScript and Iframe is too bad for SEO point of view. It will affect you website ranking.

See the example at
View the source code and you will find this line-

<iframe name="dynaFrame" id="dynaFrame" src="/FareofficeLink/ContentManager/Components/portalsearchcar_alamo/Criterion/listUpdate.php?mode=load&company_id=740&formTrackNo=3007751&pickup_country_code=gb&pickup_station_code=&pickup_location_type=AIRPORT&dropoff_country_code=&dropoff_station_code=&dropoff_location_type=AIRPORT" width="0" height="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

This is used for pulling the countries list for Pickup and Drop-off. Both JavaScript and IFrame are used for pulling data from the server. Those data which are coming from the server using JavaScript and IFrame will not be considered for website ranking and Search Engine Result page. So, if you think those data are not important for your website ranking or that are not much relevant to your target users thus does make much sense on SERP then it is Ok to use JavaScript and Iframe here.

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See even '--Choose--' is not available in drop-down list, as that is also coming through iFrame and JavaScript. So, do not you think it is bad for seo point of view and website ranking!