- for August, 2009

Firefox alternative, Flock on Ubuntu

I have installed Flock again. This time for using it on my aging Home PC and not just for checking how it looks. My home PC has Ubuntu. I was using Firefox and Opera. But Opera is not correctly supported by Gmail. I was looking for Flock from quite sometime… (Continue)

Get Data from Internet

We are munching data from various sources and we need a way to go this without programming knowledge. Perhaps keeping this in mind, Yahoo has introduced YQL (Yahoo Query Language). It is like SQL where we will issue command for the result. What is Yahoo Query Language? The Yahoo! Query… (Continue)

Google Reader adds “Send To” feature

Sharing has come to Google feed reader also. You can directlyshare whatever you are reading from feed reader. You may have noticed 'Send To' link at the bottom-right. Enjoy! Read for more: Google Reader adds “Send To” feature… (Continue)

Bing has a New Feature- Search Images on any Website

Bing has a new feature that I have not found on Google. You can search all images on any websites.I went on image search and entered This has resulted in all the images on Its great!But currently, it does not seems to return all images on website.Google… (Continue)

Web Technologies Privacy Policies

These are the privacy policies, I used according to Google Ad-sense T & C, to add a link on my blog. I have added a link to the post for this on my blog. Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site. Google's use… (Continue)

Adding Content Before & After HTML Tags using CSS

Using css2 we can add content before or after any HTML elements. This gives us control over the dynamically generated content. Suppose, some HTML contents are coming through widget, And we do not have any control over them. Then, we can either use server side scripting language to get the… (Continue)

JQuery: Ajax Example of Select Values Filled Dynamically

This Ajax example will give you an idea of, how to present users a dynamic data based on input using Ajax method. I will use jQuery JavaScript library for this linked select lists example. Dynamically Populate Select List by Ajax is an example using plain JavaScript code. Suppose a user… (Continue)

My New PHP Server and Domain

This is just a gossip with little information also. I have taken domain again but forget what I have decided earlier. I should use as the main server domain for php.  I have taken satyakaran again as I have taken it earlier and it has expired. but it… (Continue)

Few very useful tools for Web Developers

Few tools are very essential for for Web Developers. Firebug is now a platform for many new tools in Firefox to assist developers. You need Firebug installed to install and use those tools. Search on for firebug and you will get lots of plugin, which are dependent on firebug.… (Continue)

Open Source is a trouble for Microsoft

Microsoft is continuously shrinking. Its traditional strong base Web Browser - IE , Operating System - Window market is increasingly being captured by Open Source or Proprietary products. Many big vendors has come to support Open Source platform. In Open Source, large user base and community driven products are infusing… (Continue)