Few very useful tools for Web Developers

Few tools are very essential for for Web Developers. Firebug is now a platform for many new tools in Firefox to assist developers. You need Firebug installed to install and use those tools. Search on https://addons.mozilla.org for firebug and you will get lots of plugin, which are dependent on firebug. Few of those dependent tools are Drupal for Firebug, Firefinder for Firebug, and YSlow. So, if you have not found any need to use firebug, then you are not aware of Firebug usage. This can be helpful even in case you only need alert(), for JavaScript debugging. Using Firebug, you can modify any html element and see the effect. You will get all the CSS applied to a particular element and that's also in hierarchical order. It mean which css class is/are in effect on a particular element after overriding others.
Currently event propagation is not supported in Firebug. This will be available soon. Using Yslow plugin, which is dependent of Firebug, you can measure the loading speed of your whole page and all small components on the page.

colorZilla works as color picker. and it also helps in getting html tags and class directly applied to them. It is easier to use when you only need these information.

Web Developer Toolbar has many uses like Firebug. It has lots of useful stuffs. Facilities like measuring width in pixel of any distance on Web Page, getting the view of the page on 800*600 monitor, enable/disable css/javascript and many more are available in the toolbar.

Firefox plugin LiveHTTP Header are useful for getting request and response data.

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