Open Source is a trouble for Microsoft

Microsoft is continuously shrinking. Its traditional strong base Web Browser - IE , Operating System - Window market is increasingly being captured by Open Source or Proprietary products. Many big vendors has come to support Open Source platform.

In Open Source, large user base and community driven products are infusing lots of ideas. Firefox is one the Open Source products which is continuously improving itself. Microsoft's Window Operating System came as very user friendly and it is accepted worldwide. Lately Microsoft is not seen as much innovative as others came in market. So, in many IT segments Microsoft presence is diminishing.

I am working on Open Source products and I use Firefox so it does not much affect me personally whether Microsoft is going up or down. Information Technology community wants new and innovative products from Microsoft so every IT leaders want Microsoft to take Open Source kind of approach to develop good products and help IT community. Leaders have believe in Microsoft. So, after list of failed products, IT leaders and community is desperate to see Microsoft give some good products to the community. But, as Market leaders think, Microsoft is not planning correctly for its future. Its past thinking which led to Microsoft's success is holding it back.

On CNET, I recently read two articles, which describe Microsoft market share decline in details and why its happening and who is taking Microsoft market share.

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