- for September, 2009

WordPress Blog Address Change

I need to change My WordPress Blog URL two times. Once I have transferred by blog from subdomain to main domain. Then define('RELOCATE', true); in wp-config.php was enough. Then I changed my domain completely. I got the point that using the same custom domain used on blogger ( will be… (Continue)

Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

I need to change the Google Syntax Highlighter plugin for WordPress due to the reason that wordpress corrects HTML mistakes in your post. And this does not allow <pre name="code" ..> as required by Google Syntax Highlighter. Name attribute is not right syntax for pre tag. So, I thought to… (Continue)

I am getting lots of spam after I have switched to wordpress

Spam! It is part of wordpress hosting or something I am missing. It looks spammers like self hosted blog. Earlier when my blog was on Blogspot then I rarely got any spam. If someone of you know how to best avoid spammers reach here, please write comments. I am using… (Continue)

Installed Web Browser Chrome on Linux (Ubuntu)

Today I have tried Google Chrome web browser on Ubuntu Linux system. I feel no big problem. I have not fixed the flash and other things, so, I have not tested these things. I have access Google Analytics, Blogger, gmail, wordpress and all worked without error. Gmail show contact cannot… (Continue)

CAPTCHA is also important even for Google

Technology speaks in volume also. By now you may have saw variety of captcha's at various form. CAPTCHA is used to prevent spammer auto fill forms using software. reCAPTCHA acquisition is not only for captcha but it has another technology under its arm - Reading scanned pages from book. reCAPTCHA… (Continue)

JavaScript: Default Values in Input Elements

This script provides input help to users going to fill a form on your website. Sometimes you will see a tool-tip for each input-box or you see a default text is already entered in box to understand what should go inside the input box. This script is to provide a… (Continue)

Share files on Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging service but twitter is receiving massive hits per day. For this reason you will find multitude of services made for Twitter. FileSocial is a service provider which says you can upload any kind of files - be it images or video. So, share heavy files on… (Continue)

Images in Gmail’s Email Body

Gmail does not allow directly to add insert images on email body. But there is a hack.If you want to insert images from online page then just copy that image. For copy image, right click, and click on View Image or View Background Image. Now, only a image will be… (Continue)

JavaScript Encode-Decode URL

Why url encoding needed? All NON-ASCII characters need to be converted to %xx value for a url. Spaces and special characters can break the url. Something like "encoding_test.php?q=hello world" need to converted into "firstpage.php?q=hello%20world". Most modern browser do this job most of the time. So, we do not face much… (Continue)