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Getting Visitors IP Address in PHP

There are plethora of variables which can hold the Visitor IP address. One such variable is $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]. REMOTE_ADDR looks more close to our task as it has 'remote' inside it. But this variable can hold the private LAN IP address of the client machine's server network and which is not… (Continue)

HTML5 – What I don’t like?

I have not read everything about the HTML5, but whatever I have read and come to know from different places, I have these objections in HTML5 specification, which is still in draft mode. HTML5 has no restriction on attributes value quoted or not. HTML element name can be small case… (Continue)

Strange Marketing Strategy!

I got a trackback from an unexpected location. I have visited that site and found that they have added number of sites that are no way related to their content. You can yourself see the trackback, I have received in post "PHP Session Array" on 25, Oct. Is not that… (Continue)

Permanent 301 Redirect, using HTML and PHP

Yes, its true. You can 301 redirect using META HTML tag according to Sebastian. He says, Yahoo and Google accept it as 301 redirect. Though, it must be least preferred method. Using server side script or Server redirect (apache) is preferred method. HTML 301 Permanent Redirect: <html> <head> <title> --Title… (Continue)

PHP Session Array

In beginning, programmer think whether they can store array or not in PHP session. Yes, you can store array in php session. You store values in session for getting it latter on any page of PHP application. session_start() need to be present on that page to get the stored values… (Continue)

Google’s Website Performance tool – Page-Speed

Google has introduced website optimization tool, which is like yahoo's yslow. Like Yslow, page-speed also use Firebug as a platform. So, before installing page-speed, install Mozilla Firebug Add-on on your system. It is simple to use and understand. It comes with ready and easy to use help guide. Page-speed can… (Continue)

PHP Redirect Vs JavaScript Redirect?

Redirect to another web page is possible through PHP as well as JavaScript. So, which one you will choose? PHP is server side language, and JavaScript is Client side. So, redirect through JavaScript will be possible on Client-Side. Redirect on client side means following steps: User request a Page using… (Continue)

Send Tweet from Airtel India

Twitter has partnership with Airtel recently. Now, anyone can send tweet using the Airtel mobile from anywhere in India. Tweet on normal SMS charge. There is no special charge for tweeting. Airtel is the largest mobile operator in India. Send START to 53000 and start tweeting. According to today' news… (Continue)

Fast Load JavaScript and CSS Files

Want to decrease response time of your webpages? Decreasing the size of JavaScript and CSS files is one of the techniques used for better performance of websites. Yahoo Compression tool for JavaScript and CSS is excellent tool for minifying JavaScript and CSS files. It can achieve over 20% compression. I… (Continue)

Show Current Database in MySQL

How to know which database is in use currently? For using a particular database, MySQL has <code>Use </code> statement. After you execute USE statement, by default all the query will be executed against the database mentioned in USE statement. Use database_name; For using other database after this statement, you can… (Continue)