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Hi5 Image Downloader

I had few images on Hi5 - a social networking site, I want to download. I had already deactivated the profile. I was not using it, but Thanks to Hi5,Hi5 has reactivated it. Only bad was that my name was search-able even after disabling it. I had few very important… (Continue)

Display Message for Short Duration

This is another post in beginners series. Suppose you want to dispaly dynamic message after form submit for short duration. You want the massage to dissapper after some time. User can have option to hide it if he wants also. How you will do it? Here is a example script… (Continue)

Avoid Form Resubmit on Refresh/reload

All of us write a PHP script where script submit the form and data need to put on database or in some file. This is a very important step we learn when we start doing programming in PHP. After everything went correct you may has faced the problem of resubmitting… (Continue)

WordPress Error: The requested theme does not exist!

I got an error "The requested theme does not exist"! Oh! I checked my website and everything was fine. I have taken a long breath! Now, what went wrong? I was editing the theme. I want to change something in style.css of the theme. I have tried to remove the… (Continue)

PHP Session : Is Session Set?

Session is very important in PHP development path. Lets start to learn a little about session in PHP. How do you know whether session is set or not! PHP has a session_id() function to tell you if session is set or not. If no session has started then session_id() will… (Continue)

QR-Code – Two-dimensional Bar Code

QR-Code is "Quick Response" code devised by Japanese corporation. It is said to be Quick response code as creator want it to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. My QR-Code for You can get you QR-Code from or I read this at the website… (Continue)

JavaScript: Displaying Message after a Action, say Form Submit

You need to display a message after any action to confirm about successful completion of the action or for some error. Suppose user has submitted a web form and you got everything fine. So in PHP you have this script: <?php if (count($_POST)) { // checking / validation etc //… (Continue)

Help Google GeoTarget Your WebSite

Google has a setting in Webmaster tools which help webmaster to help Google understand your target location. This will help Google presenting your site in that location's search result. In other way this will get you more targeted visitors free of cost. I read interesting theory of Google concept of… (Continue)

Most Popular Social Bookmarking Services

According to my blog visitors' usage trend, these are the most popular social bookmarking services: Favorites, Twitter, Google, Live, Print, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, Email, StumbleUpon, and AIM. May be this trend will only stand very similar for those, whose content is technical in nature. For other type of websites… (Continue)