Full Feed Released for the Blog

After many years of running this blog, I have decided to give full feed access to my blog followers. Many readers only read news through feed readers and they are very attached to it.
I read at many places that they do not like post summary in the feed.

Website like me do not have very high visitors and they are so attached to analytics statistics that they do not like the idea that visitors read they articles without visiting their sites and without giving page impression. They are attached to the visitors statistics.

I know that website navigation and usefulness of the content is important for maintaining good relationship with visitors and developing a good community. So, I have thought to release full feed on my blog. As, I never release full feed, so I never have experience of adsense on feed. So, with this full feed release, I have also added adsense ad on feed. This feed adsense code is not working on few reader. Example feed reader is Thunderbird. In thunderbird I saw my adsense code in not working. So, no ad available there. You can subscribe my feed on Thunderbird for not getting ad there. 😉

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