JSON got Native Support in ECMAScript 5th Edition

ECMA has approved the 5th edition of ECMAScript. This includes the native support of JSON. This will help in using JSON in more secure way and it will also allow faster parsing of JSON. JSON is used widely as data interchange format. It is used in place of XML. Many think that XML is overly loaded and found JSON fit for their case. JSON has been used extensibly with Ajax.

Number of JSON libraries came for using JSON in secure way. You can find various libraries in different languages at Json.org website. But now with the support of JSON in newer browser, using JSON become more enjoyable for developers.

Douglas Crockford is credited for the invention of JSON. JSON uses JavaScript's rules for formatting objects and arrays.
JavaScript's eval() method was used for parsing JSON and libraries was providing the way to clean the data provided by user. But now .parse() and .stringify() is supported in Firefox 3.5 and IE8.

Check here for more on the recent development in JSON.

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