My First Public View of Google Wave (know how to use)

I got Google Sandbox account a month back, but I have written earlier I could not do much on it. But few days back I got wave account which was preview version and was better than Sandbox. But I could not check much. But now I thought to give it another try and got something out there.
This is the story of how I progressed that can be useful for others to ride on Wave:

I need to find few command to search. Yes, Google is a search Engine (we know Google due to that) but search engine on top of Inbox is just to search on your wave or the wave you have followed. There Google has not put any button to search on web or search on public wave. This went against my assumption. So, what I did then? I have found a command for searching in Public wave. To search in public wave, type:


and press enter. You will get lots of public wave available to you. Now, I felt I got something to do here. As I got lots of result, so I thought I need some more command to refine the result. So, refinement command is this:


, where tag is the command and php is the value of tag I am searching for. So, to search
a wave which has tag php and mysql both, I have tried this:


, which has failed. This will not search for the wave which has both php and mysql tag. This will search for the wave which has tag - "php,mysql"
So, for this I need to enter this:

with:public tag:php tag:mysql

, and this resulted in the wave which has tagged as php and mysql. Cool!
Now, with this searching power I tried few more search:

with:public tag:php tag:jquery

and, this time also I got few result. hurrah!

After these try, I was exited to got more refined result. Why? The above result has caused
some non-english wave returned. So, now I need to fix the language problem. So, I got this:
So, my search query become:

with:public tag:jquery lang:en

Then after getting this search power, I went ahead on wave and found few more things to learn.
I want to share something with public also. So, how to share with public?
Google Wave has given the facility to invite a contact to wave. But I have no particular
public group to invite. I just want to share everyone. Like the result I got on search -
I have found one bot: sweeper and another account for making a wave public.
I do not know what is it - bot, extension or something else in Wave term.
But that has name -

This account is very important. is an account,I have found to
make my wave public. So, add this in the wave you have created and your wave is public.
In other words, you have shared you wave with public by adding this account.

Sweepy, I have mentioned earlier is a Bot to clean your wave. It will clean your wave.
Add this to you contact: It will clean any unwanted blip caused by
Enter command.

By the way, how to invite a group of people. or, lets say, how to create a group and allow to add people to that group?
May be this is not the right question. Wave can be created and people can be added to that wave. For sharing that wave with someone outside wave application, I need wave Id. How to get the wave id? Let me know, if you have the answer. Thanks!