Online HTML Characters Encoding Tool for Script posting

Here is an online HTML characters encoding tool I have created for those who post script on a blog or webpage. It will convert all the <, >, ' and " characters to html entities.
I was doing it manually everytime by searching < and replacing it with &gt; and also searching > and replacing with &gt; . Once I have written JavaScript code for search and replace so that I do not have to start apache for a small PHP script every time. But that always went missing somewhere. So, this time I have created an online tool for doing this. This will help all wordpress and blogger users who post X/HTML, JavaScript, PHP or other kind of script which has HTML characters in it or characters not suitable in XHTML strict (like > and  <). Blogspot has XHTML strict setting, so you cannot use these characters - &, ", ', <, > in you post directly. You need to translate it into html entities.

WordPress visual Editor does not work as expected. When I copy and paste in codes then it should show it as it is it but it adds lots of markup whereas HTML mode it works correctly for codes. It only adds new lines. So, I need to sanitize my HTML code and then paste it in HTML code of editor.

So, this online tool is required and hope it will be useful for all. online HTML characters encoding tool

Doing encoding is essential for the script you are going to paste inside blogspot HTML. Encoding the code is equally true for pasting adsense code also.

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