wave.google.com and google.com/a/wavesandbox.com

I used this google.com/wave and wave.google.com and I got this page everytime:


I tried many times as I have used google wave just a day before. After repeated attempt, I thought there can be some problem. Then I understand that the Google account I am already logged in has no google wave account associated. That has the sandbox account
associated with it. Sandbox account has this url:


So, I logged out from there and I got the login page. From there on I logged in to the account where I have preview account. The Sandbox one is Developer sandbox account.

On another account I have invite power also, which I got few days back. So, I am going to invite myself for another Google account.

Page: http://wave.google.com/help/wave/closed.html

Google wave account - no access

Google wave account - no access