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WordPress: Categories to Tags Conversion

I have to convert few categories to tags and put all those post which are holding the current categories, which are going to become tags, to new categories. We have facility in WordPress to convert categories to tags. You will find this link in Categories menu inside Post section. Please… (Continue)

Few very common String Functions in PHP

Here are few very common string functions in PHP for those who are new to PHP.  In that case just familiarize with these functions. addslashes Add backslash () before characters that need to be quoted before inserting into database. Those characters where backslash will be added are single quote ('),… (Continue)

PHP: Getting File extension and file basename

Here is a script for getting file extension. It will take care of the file name like this: etc and not only or fileename.php. It will get your last part of file irrespective of how many dots in file. <?php // will get the file name out of… (Continue)

New Rss Feed of Web Scripting

I have recently changed RSS feed address from boring/long to short URL. In feedburner you have facility to create new feedburner address and use new feedburner URL. Old address can be pointed to newly created feedburner URL address. There is a facility to set window period of deleting the old… (Continue)

Set Preferred Domain (http:// or http://www.)

Google ask your preferred domain in webmaster. Preferred domain is one which you like to appear on search result page. Google will try to index your site according to preferred domain of your choice. So, web site can appear as or I have set my preferred domain… (Continue)

Get Online Live Feed of any topic you want!

Are you a data juggler? Need lots of data to eat, drink and play! Then join LazyFeed. It gives live feed updates from numerous web sites across the web in real time. You will feel full (fool!) of stomach. I tried it and thought who can use this? May be… (Continue)

WordPress: Adding Categories at the Page bottom (footer)

Using WordPress and filled all the spaces in sidebar and navigation with multiple widgets or text content, And finding no space for Categories! No worries, you have another place to add your blog categories. Add all categories at the bottom of the web site. Generally categories become so many in… (Continue)

How to Install WordPress on Localhost (Window)

Having a working copy of WordPress hosted on your local Desktop or Laptop is very advantageous. You can easily test any kind of scripts. You can modify the PHP script and test whether it is working or not without taking any risk of making your blog/website down for a single… (Continue)

PHP require/include and relative path error

It is little difficult to get the right path in PHP sometime. PHP gets the path based on top page. To get the right path two functions are very useful - getcwd() and realpath(). To get what PHP is understanding of your supplied path for require/include, use realpath(). It will… (Continue)