Get Online Live Feed of any topic you want!

Are you a data juggler? Need lots of data to eat, drink and play! Then join LazyFeed. It gives live feed updates from numerous web sites across the web in real time. You will feel full (fool!) of stomach. I tried it and thought who can use this? May be marketing person or may be those who want to just check for a certain topic for certain reason for one day. I need to check it again to see what is there and why this is being used. I will look for some real stuff there.

I tried adding few topic. One such topic was  - Website optimization. LazyFeed made it websiteoptimization. Bad! Then I tried using webpage speed and again it concatenated it to webpagespeed. Now, how to search for good keywords. At least I could add like, PHP, Ajax. So, that I can search for topics which has PHP and Ajax tags. What do you think?

For testing a topic, you can use "Add a topic" and then add your keyword and then click on Preview link below on textbox. A floating DIV will open. I have also tried to check whether I can get lots of image or not! So, I have tried girl, sexy etc. But that is also not very fruitful. screenshot (click to see enlarged image) screenshot (click to see enlarged image)

Do you know what is the best use of it? If yes, leave me a message. Thanks!