New Rss Feed of Web Scripting

I have recently changed RSS feed address from boring/long to short URL. In feedburner you have facility to create new feedburner address and use new feedburner URL. Old address can be pointed to newly created feedburner URL address. There is a facility to set window period of deleting the old feed address so that all user can update their URL or reader client can point to new address.

My Old address was this:
Now it is:

Currently, if you access the old URL, you should get this message:

(Obsolete Feed)
Old feed that has moved to
Feed has moved

feed  has moved feedburner message

feed has moved

It is all smooth, but it has some glitches as well which is visible now. My last highest Feed count was 81 and yesterday it is 18. What is coincidence! Subscribe to new Feed URL to get latest update as and when this site is get updated. Thanks!

Here is the current count of Old feed URL:

Current Feed Count of old feedburner address

Feed Count of old feedburner address

Another Feed about "Views, News and Social Issues" is too less as I am very irregular and rarely update it.

For more information on Feedburner related queries, you can check here:
Official Feedburner Help page

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