- for February, 2010

WordPress: Add Random Content in Sidebar Widget

Need to add random content is sidebar! Do you have two kinds of content and want to display randomly to visitors? This can also be useful when you have two types of content and both are equally important but sidebar space is not allowing to add both kind of content.… (Continue)

Controlling JavaScript Execution Order

Here is my experiment with delaying JavaScript execution order. I have tried various methods I can remember and all failed. So, I have written an efficient script (I think!) for delaying the execution of dependent JavaScript code. I had three lines of code. First was External JavaScript file. Second was… (Continue)

Handling File Read/write Concurrency Problem in PHP

Recently I need to use file for caching little bit of data. Then I thought of concurrency problem can arise in File based structure due to read/write issue. For small data and that also if  not so useful , usage of Database can be avoided. Though Database can handle any… (Continue)

Bye Bye to Sitemeter Web Site Stat Analytics

I just dropped using Sitemeter - a Web Site analytics. I was not enjoying it as much as Statcounter. I saw I am missing three few data or say data with ease of access: Referrer other than Google/Search Engine: Statcounter has a column where you can see recent visitors from… (Continue)

Oh! I will bug again to my follower and feedburner

Need to bug again for feedburner test. I have few more fuel to test this feed to feedburner redirect. After that I will think what to do to solve this problem - problem of redirecting every kind of WordPress feed (including Category and tag feed) to Feedburner. But, I can… (Continue)

Yet Another Feed to Feedburner redirect Test Blog

If this works and feedburner updates it soon (possibly within an hr!) then my testing is over for wordpress feed to feedburner feed redirect. Lets see! lots of work need to do. Also my feed appeared to be larger than 512k or 576k So I need to set feed site… (Continue)

Redirect WordPress feed to Feedburner

Update (21-02-2010): I become tired testing Feedburner for recursive redirection problem. I need to wait for feedburner's FeedBulletin for my account. and It does not come to check as and when you say to do so.  So, I have got a smart solution which can get me what I want… (Continue)

Google’s secret plan – be a data center of whole Internet

What do you think is the Google's biggest goal. Sure they will say that we are planning to make internet experience and web presence better but how they think of it. What is the single most goal! I think Google want to capture all available data on the internet and… (Continue)

How to disable or remove Buzz?

Just now I got to know something about Google Buzz when I booted my Laptop and opened my Gmail account and I thought not to use it for now. It is distracting for me. I already have lots of social networking sites, Twitter, gTalk, skype and mobile phone and others… (Continue)

Add Input Fields Dynamically to Form Using JavaScript

Here you will get working code for adding input fields dynamically using a link or button. Default number of input fields are provided and you want to give users a option to add more input elements then this script will work. Be it Input box field, Textarea or any other… (Continue)