Bye Bye to Sitemeter Web Site Stat Analytics

I just dropped using Sitemeter - a Web Site analytics. I was not enjoying it as much as Statcounter. I saw I am missing three few data or say data with ease of access:

  • Referrer other than Google/Search Engine: Statcounter has a column where you can see recent visitors from referring sites other than Search Engine and finding new referrer is a happy moment of any web site owner.
  • Top pages on recent times: Statcounter list top pages on recent times with number of visits alongside to them. They show in descending order of number of visits.
  • Sitemeter congested page view/width was also a turn off for me. Statcounter has menu on right side and set full page to show data. but Sitemeter has two sidebars on each side and also it is not using whole width of screen.

Though Sitemeter has not said the number of visitors it can track in free account like Statcounter (a plus point in Sitemeter), but in Statcounter you can have a good idea of how your WordPress blog is performing. For blogger like me this is enough as I am not going to sit with reports in hand and think of how to increase blog traffic.

Last point worth mentioning is - I used Statcounter for long time in Past but Sitemeter for less than one month. So, it may happen that I may have not learned how best to use Sitemeter correctly.

Now, I have started using Clicky. I can say for now that its interface is better and have lots of parameters to check. But few view type should be little compact as it takes long space down to pages.

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