SEO and Old Blog Post

What should a blogger do when a blogger want to rewrite a new post and S/he is not sure whether to write a new post or update the existing one? If an old post is much visited and well ranked then he may think of rewrite it or not? If he loose Google SEO ranking after rewriting it then no one may come and then no use of rewriting it! Another way of providing fresh and better written data to visitors is to rewrite an old post but then Google may find it duplicate post and may not give much importance to new post and may blacklist an old post also. So, what to do so that everyone (Visitors and Search Engine) feel good.

I thought to add robots meta tag for old post. Meta robots with the following setting will be good for the old post.

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW" />

I am not sure what can be the best solution for this situation. Another thing can be done to avoid removing a page from search list is to right the same post with slightly different keywords. This way it will become a new post and it may attract new kind of traffic also. If this is not possible or if you are not interested in writing the same article with different name then another solution I think is to add the above HTML meta tag.

In WordPress doing this is simply not possible. If you want to hardcode a meta tag for a particular url in header.php file then ok this way your can do. Another method is to use a Robots Meta plugin. But for a one post, installing a new plugin is also not a good solution. So, finally you might have thought what can be done! Add the robots information in robots.txt file.

So, for particular address of your post, write a line in robots.txt file like this:

Disallow: /2007/03/passing-value-javascript-php-javascript.html

The above is a to remove this page from search result. This way search engine will remove this page from index and then can give your new post more importance. Now search engine will not find almost matching content in your web site.

The above robots.txt method has some advantage and disadvantage. Advantage is that visitors who are coming from a link can still read your old post. Disadvantage is that search engine is not guided to new blog post and said to consider this post now for that old famous post. If your are inclined on the disadvantage then you may like the 301 redirect through server redirect.

Redirect 301 /2007/03/passing-value-javascript-php-javascript.html

The above line can be written to .htaccess file. It will redirect (301) to new page and Search engine will guided to give all the SEO juice of old post to new blog post.

Now, I want to know your choice!

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